Key Features

In NJC Integrated Programme, we strive to nurture students into well-rounded, creative, enterprising and thinking individuals who demonstrate leadership with a strong commitment to serving the community and the nation.

Our four-year Integrated Programme leading to the GCE 'A' Levels which started in 2004, attracts more than 500 applicants every year. Only approximately 130 suitable secondary two students from Singapore and abroad get selected into the Programme. Customised, ability-driven and broad-based, NJC Integrated Programme has remained a high quality programme that is refreshing, creative and challenging.

In 2009, we extended our Integrated Programme from the four-year programme to a six-year programme. Students are admitted to our Integrated Programme at Secondary 1.

In the first four years, students are exposed to a wide variety of new experiences through the broad based and application based integrated curriculum, enrichment activities and development programmes. In addition, through the mentorship and guidance programme, their social and emotional development is carefully looked after by their personal mentors. In the last two years, focus shifts towards development in academic depth to nurture them into thinking individuals with a passion for independent learning. They get to choose a variety of education programme and curriculum that leads to the GCE ‘A’ Level. Innovative and non-traditional teaching approaches are the lesson highlights throughout the six years of the programme.
Broad-based Learning
To function in the knowledge economy, students are exposed to a wide array of subject areas so that graduates of this Programme are well rounded academically. They undergo academic rigour in all major areas of Mathematics, the Sciences, Languages, the Arts, and Humanities. The intellectual development of students in the Programme stretches beyond the traditional academic pursuit of paper qualifications. We nurture their intellectual capacity through a broader spectrum of learning experiences so that they gain a wider perspective on life and a deeper and more genuine understanding and appreciation of their environment and all things around them.
Independent Learning
The Integrated Programme subscribes to the ideals of independent learning. The nature and delivery of the Programme will allow students to function as highly independent learners aided by information technology as a learning tool.
Application-Based Integrated Learning
A key thrust in the Integrated Programme is on developing the skills of applying the content knowledge acquired to authentic problems spanning several subject areas.

This is done through a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach to deliver some of the curriculum. Overlapping portions of the curriculum across all subjects are taught as one, drawing examples within the context of each constituent subject. For example, modules spanning subject areas such as Biology and Chemistry (e.g. Biochemistry) are specially developed to deliver the curriculum in a manner that allows for greater inter-connectedness and transfer of learning as well as greater ease of infusion of National Education into the Integrated Programme. Students in the Integrated Programme get the chance to undertake long-term individualised research in his or her area of interest under the close supervision of teachers, local and foreign university professors and industry partners. Ample opportunities are available for students to experience industrial attachment and internship programmes.
Strong National Orientation
The Programme is focused on preparing the future leaders of Singapore who are committed, resilient, and enterprising. Special emphasis is placed on infusing National Education into the learning experience thereby giving it a strong national orientation.
Admission to NJC Integrated Programme
If you are a primary six student and want to experience a different, refreshing, creative and stimulating way of learning or if you are a team player, capable of creative and critical thinking, willing to explore new ideas beyond the classroom and curriculum, compassionate, resilient, rational and responsible, NJC is definitely for you. We invite you to join us and be part of our family of outstanding NJC students.
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